Spruce Grove ASphalt services

When deciding between concrete and asphalt there are a few factors to consider.

We have paved over 4,000 driveways in Alberta.


Spruce Grove Asphalt Services

We are an asphalt paving company in Spruce Grove.
We pave driveways, Parking Lots, acreages.
We pave private roads and pathways
We seal coat asphalt.
We repair and maintain asphalt.
We are a paving contractor with integrity.

What sets us apart

It is our attention to detail and focus on our customer's needs and vision that makes us the preferred choice for Spruce Grove asphalt paving.

We have been in business for 13 years and paved over 4,000 residential driveways.

Watch us in action

An Edmonton asphalt paving company with integrity and attention to detail.

13 Years


We have been in business for over 13 years.


4,000 Driveways

We have paved over 4,000 driveways in and around the Edmonton area.



We have great customer references. We can provide you references to call at any time.