Seal Coating

When deciding between concrete and asphalt there are a few factors to consider.

We have paved over 4,000 driveways in Alberta.


Seal Coating for your driveway

We seal driveways in and around Edmonton.
Seal Coat is the industry name for driveway sealer.
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We are a asphalt sealing contractor with integrity.

We Ensure that the driveway sealer is applied properly to ensure that all the cracks and crevices are covered, but not too much, otherwise there may be pooling.

Having a professional driveway sealer apply the seal coat is just as cost effective, even more so, than doing it yourself. When you factor in the cost of buying the applicators, the product and the time it takes you to complete the job, it can be cheaper to have a professional apply the coating for almost the same cost.

A good quality driveway sealer will last several years in a harsh environment. You will know when it is time for another seal coat application when you can see cracks and fissures in the asphalt.

A driveway doesn't need to be treated more than once per year, but may require a coat every two years depending on the environmental conditions.

Extreme weather can play a role, determining how often the asphalt needs to be treated with a driveway sealer. The more extreme the weather, the more frequent the driveway sealer needs to be applied.

Take the risk out of applying asphalt driveway sealer.
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Driveway Sealer

It is our attention to detail and focus on our customer's needs and vision that makes us the preferred choice for Edmonton seal coating.

We have been in business for 13 years and paved over 4,000 residential driveways.

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An Edmonton asphalt paving company with integrity and attention to detail.

13 Years


We have been in business for over 13 years.


4,000 Driveways

We have paved over 4,000 driveways in and around the Edmonton area.



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