Driveway Paving in Edmonton

When deciding between concrete and asphalt there are a few factors to consider.

We have paved over 4,000 driveways in Alberta.


Driveway Paving in Edmonton

Looking for driveway paving in Edmonton? 

Elite Asphalt Inc has paved over 4,000 driveways in Edmonton.

We appreciate that there are many options in and around Edmonton, when looking for a driveway paving contractor.

We take pride in our work, we are responsive and prompt.

The ideal driveway paving contractor in Edmonton will be open to discussing your requirements and answering any questions that you might have.

The ideal driveway paving contractor will provide a firm quote, and a firm date.

At Elite Asphalt Inc we have a proven track record of satisfied customers in the Edmonton area.

We would be happy to come onsite for a free quote, and be your choice for driveway paving contractor in Edmonton.

What sets ELITE Asphalt apart

We believe It is our attention to detail and focus on our customer's needs and vision, that makes us a preferred choice for driveway paving paving in Edmonton.

Elite Asphalt Inc has have been in the business of driveway paving for 13 years. We have paved over 4,000 driveways.

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An Edmonton asphalt paving company with integrity and attention to detail.

13 Years


We have been in business as a driveway paving contractor for over 13 years.


4,000 Driveways

We have paved over 4,000 driveways in and around the Edmonton area.



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