Concrete or asphalt

When deciding between concrete and asphalt there are a few factors to consider.

We have paved over 4,000 driveways in Alberta.


Concrete vs Asphalt

When considering resurfacing your driveway, concrete vs asphalt is always a discussion that is worth engaging.

While concrete will last longer the initial cost  is usually cost prohibitive. A concrete driveway can cost up to ten times an asphalt driveway.

While a concrete driveway may look like an attractive option, you are locked into that decision for 10 or more years.  If your car leaks oil or you have an accident on the driveway, it can be costly to repair concrete. An asphalt driveway can be removed easily to put down pavers or interlocking bricks.

A concrete driveway doesn't always increase the value of your home in relationship to the amount invested in a concrete driveway.

Concrete can look industrial and may not lend to the outdoor aesthetics of a house.
Many homeowners have creatively framed their asphalt with pavers or interlocking brick. The look of asphalt is clean and when the protective coating is applied asphalt retains it's great look.

Concrete is a great option for those in countries such as Brazil where tempatures exceed one hundred and ten degrees on a regular basis, and endure heavy vehicle traffic.

Asphalt is pliable and flexible and is ideal for environments that have climate and temperature swings. Asphalt is still the most economical solution for driveways, private roads, acreages, walkways and pathways.

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Concrete vs asphalt

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Elite Asphalt Inc has have been in the business of driveway paving for 13 years. We have paved over 4,000 driveways.

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13 Years


We have been in business as an Edmonton paving company for over 13 years.


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We are a paving company with over 4,000 driveways in and around the Edmonton area.



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